Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Hearth

2D animated TV series

Number of episodes:

24, duration: 5 minutes/episode


České studny z.s. (David Loula) and FILM21 (Adam Parma)

Screenplay and director:

Adam Parma

Script editor:

David Loula


Daniel Jurčo


Tomáš Honěk, Daniel Mikeš, Jakub Kedzior, David Najbrt, Hana Kotlářová, Tomáš Vít


Tomáš Spirka


Adam Parma, Katie Henry, Jaroslav Féneš


Oldřich Kaiser, Jiří Lábus


In November 2020, we will commemorate the 350th anniversary of the death of a prominent Czech figure – Jan Amos Comenius. For this occasion, we are creating an animated adaptation of the most famous Comenius’s literary work – Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart.

It is an allegorical story of a pilgrim who, with his guides, travels the world – the Labyrinth – and looks into all the main fields of human activity and profession. In the end, he is disappointed by the whole world. In desperation, he turns to his heart to meet God and finds paradise within his soul. He then returns to the world to strive to rectify human affairs.

The book Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart was published in 123 editions and is widely known among people in the Czech Republic. Its author – Jan Amos Comenius  – was placed fourth in the Czech Television competition for the Greatest Czech in 2005. We intend to use the popularity of Comenius and present his message to the Czech nation in an attractive and entertaining form of animated series.

The association České studny in co-production with the production company FILM21 will produce a series of 26 five-minute animated episodes. In 2018, these companies cooperated in the production of audio-visual works as part of the successful project called Staleté kořeny (Centennial Roots) to mark the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia. By creating the series, we follow up on previous projects of spiritual heritage, which we addressed to the general public and schools. In 2015, it was the project called Husovy stopy (Jan Hus’s Legacy, involved 600 schools ), in 2018 the project Staleté kořeny (Centennial Roots) for the anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia (more than 1 million Internet users were addressed and 750 educational programmes implemented at primary schools).


The adaptation of the book into a TV series was started with the development of screenplays (screenwriter: Adam Parma), developing the concept of art (illustrator: Daniel Jurčo) and testing animation sequences (a team of 2D animators with expert consultations by an experienced animator Hanka Kotlářová), as well as creating author songs, background music and sound (Adam Parma and Tomáš Spirka). In April 2019, the representatives of the project attended industry days of ANIFILM Film Festival in Třeboň as part of further networking. The project was registered and selected for further development at the 10-day Character Lab animation workshop within top professional workshop ANOMALIA 2019 in Litomyšl (lecturers from Pixar studios, Disney studios).

Fixed duration of 5 minutes was selected for each episode of the series so that the series is suitable for distribution in television programme schedule, alternatively for use on video platforms “on-demand” or other forms of use on the Internet.


• development and testing: 02-08/2019

• production and postproduction: 06/2019-10/2020

• television distribution: from 09/2020

• Internet distribution of VOD: from 11/2021


We want to expand the resulting work among the broadest possible audience in the Czech Republic and subsequently abroad. We want not only to commemorate this work by J. A. Comenius but also to update it to make it appealing to today’s generation. Beyond the framework of the series, we want to strengthen its educational dimension. We strive for distribution in the following phases:

1. Broadcasting of the series on Czech and Slovak television (from autumn 2020).

2. Offering the series to other television companies in countries where J. A. Comenius worked – Poland, Hungary, Germany, England, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands (summer 2021).

3. Sharing the series on social networks with a controlled campaign and organic and paid editorial support – YouTube, Facebook (autumn 2021).

4. Addressing all primary and secondary schools with the Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart educational programme. In cooperation with Hope4kids, we will prepare methodologies for teachers for individual parts in the form of so-called moral imagination with an application dimension (from the end of 2020).

5. Use during film evenings. We will offer the series to film clubs, libraries, associations, churches and other civic initiatives for projection in cinemas or public spaces, followed by discussions or lecture on the topic the legacy of J. A. Comenius (from the end of 2021). Partnership with educational project Comenius 2020.

6. Creating a fun game within the Geofun application for interactive use on the Internet (Director Vít Pechanec).


The main source of funding is now provided by private donors from the Czech Republic through a fundraising and crowdfunding campaign.

We count on the support of foundations, churches, associations and many individuals who like this idea of ​​reviving the legacy of Jan Amos Comenius. However, we strive for multi-source funding of the project through the sale of license rights to television companies, as well as responding to the current calls of regional film offices, the Cinematography Fund, the Creative Europe programme.


The project is managed by the association České studny (David Loula) in co-production with the production company FILM21 (Adam Parma).

The professional guarantor of the project is a specialist in studies on J. A. Comenius doc. PhDr. Jan Hábl, PhD (University of Hradec Králové), and the expert consultant is a specialist in studies on J. A. Comenius PhDr. Jiří Beneš (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic).

The University of Hradec Králové is the project partner.


David Loula,, phone: +420 777 702 991

Adam Parma,, phone +420 776 064 606